Capacity Building & Competency Development

  • One of the core services of Accord is the provision of capacity building training and support to clients and stakeholders that are aimed at improve performance and efficiency. Accord can organize tailored capacity building workshops for partners aimed at closing up capacity gaps and enhancing the competencies and institutional skills for effective project management and attainment of organisational objectives.
Some of our clients including Oil and Gas companies have been provided with knowledge to embrace emerging strategies and concepts for a more effective corporate community engagement and interface actions that creates and foster enduring and fruitful relations in a peaceful environment. We have worked with Local Government Authorities LGAs to improve their processes and carried out trainings for their staff.
We also assist rural and marginal communities to set up cooperatives and engage in constructive development endeavours. We have organised study tours which can facilitate knowledge sharing, social exposure that can facilitate appropriate attitudinal and behavioural changes in them and thus make them change drivers.
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