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13 Beneficiaries Received Engine Boats in Opuorubo Community - Bayelsa State

13 Beneficiaries Received Engine Boats in Opuorubo Community - Bayelsa State

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Opuorubo is amongst the eight communities that is made up of Brass Cluster development Board. Opourubo being also one of the impacted communities on the SPDC facilities, the community is entitled to some percentage of yearly mandate of Brass cluster development board. 

The community haven’t received their yearly mandate from 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018, unanimously agreed in a town hall meeting facilitated by Accord For Community Development that, fund accrue for Opuorubo community should be used to purchase engine boats for 13 community members including men women and youths.

Government Representatives the Beneficiaries

         The handover ceremony was characterized with different activities such as:  

  1. Mentoring NGO opening speech: Representative of Accord For Community Development Mr. Isaac Simon on his opening remarks congratulated beneficiaries and further advised that engine boat should be maintained and put into use by the beneficiaries. He further explained that, the aim of the program is to increase income generation of the community members by reducing unemployment and poverty in Opuorubo community
  2. Bayelsa state representative: Engineer Brass during his remarks congratulated beneficiaries and assured them of future support from the state government if any opportunity surface. He advised that beneficiaries should try as much as possible to dedicate their time and energy in doing the business in other to increase their income generation and reduce poverty in Opourubo community.

Presentation of Engine Boats

Other stakeholders who spoke during the ceremony appreciated SPDC for their support for increase income generation of the community members especially in Opuorubo. SPDC should continue with their good work they are doing to humanity especially in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

The next activity was the presentation of Engine boats and fishing accessories to 13 beneficiaries.

Material presented were

  1. Presentation of 13 Single Engine boat 8HP to 13 beneficiaries from Opuorubo community
  2. Presentation of fishing nets to 13 beneficiaries during the ceremony.
  3. Presentation of twine rope and other fishing facilities

Materials Presented to the 13 Opuorubo Community Beneficiaries

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