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SWIM Project Deliberation Meeting with Abuloma Woman Leader

SWIM Project Deliberation Meeting with Abuloma Woman Leader

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The women Leader of Abuloma kingdom, Mrs Rhoda Benson and Staff members of Accord had a deliberation meeting at Accord’s office on Wednesday 16th September, 2020 to discuss the planned intervention and modalities for supporting women and Youth within the geographical spread.

 The major focus was on how the Support for Women in Microenterprise will impact on the fortunes of the enterprising women in Abuloma. Accord team informed the Abuloma Women Leader on the plan to conduct a baseline on the economic activity of women in the area in a bid to know the extent of support that will be availed to them going forward.

Similarly, the briefs paved way for Accord to intimate the representatives of the Abuloma Women on other planned programmes and support that will be offered to the women and Youth. The other areas of support and intervention include: Health symposiums and lectures, career development forums for students residing in the kingdom, opportunity to benefit from Accord sponsored vocational trainings and Social Investment management on behalf of the kingdom.
With the outcomes of the meeting, efforts are being made to kick-start the process of rolling out the support to the women and people of the kingdom.
Accord Team in attendance include Efe Eikhokena, Gideon Achomhi, Isaac Simon, Glory Okereke and Mrs Rhoda Benson, the women Leader was accompanied by Mrs Timi Alabo who is a representative from the kingdom.

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