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Accord Conducts More School Outreach in Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt

Accord Conducts More School Outreach in Secondary Schools in Port Harcourt

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The School Outreach program organized by Gender and Advocacy department which is focused on providing in-school adolescents and young people with information on Life-Building Skills, Comprehensive Sexuality Education including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Menstrual Hygiene and Management (MHM) was conducted in three secondary schools in Port Harcourt.


The students were taught Goal setting, Values and self-esteem which is to support them in planning their daily activities and future careers and also to help them sort their own personal values by identifying and sticking to positive ones.

The outreach was an interactive one, it helped the students to seek knowledge outside their classroom, they learnt how to set goals, steps in achieving their goals and problems that might make the achievement of their goals difficult.

The students were also taught on values and how to develop personal values which will help them in their daily activities and since we all grow up with different values, there is need for us to clarify our personal values from the ones we grew up with. As a young person, it is advisable to sort our personal values from that of our peer groups by identifying and sticking to positive ones because not all values that are positive.

One important aspect of the outreach is the session where students ask questions relating to their personal lives, relationships, sex, sexual abuse etc. these questions were answered by the gender team who are also advocating for a viable counseling unit in all schools to ensure these students are able to make informed decisions as they navigate through growth.

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