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A Compendium of 100 Plus Businesses

A Compendium of 100 Plus Businesses

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In a bid to motivate and join in empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs to establish new businesses or make great difference in their businesses.

Accord's Enterprise Development and Business Support Services' team traveled wide and near of Nigeria including the major cities such as Abuja, Lagos state, Port Harcourt which is the base of the Accord's head quarters to dig deep, harvest and critically analised and publish more than 100 viable businesses that aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs can go into and earn a living of which Accord is supported by the Brot Fur Dei Welt for this to be effective.

The concept of bringing and making these business ideas available to the public by Accord for Development is inline with the sustainable development goals (SDG) which would help to raise the standard of living of the individuals when the business ideas are implemented effectively. Download the SMEBIZCONNECT BUSINESS MANUAL.

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