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SET Business Development Training in Agbor Delta State

SET Business Development Training in Agbor Delta State

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Despite concerted effort from the Nigerian government and the private sector, there is still an upsurge in Youth Unemployment. Some individuals instead of going full blast into Entrepreneurship are still waiting for the almost non-existent white collar jobs. Hence, this edition of SET Business Development training was targeted at aspiring and existing Entrepreneurs in Agbor Town and its environs in Delta State.require.

A total of 30 persons were in attendance for the training. The training lasted over 5hours and held at Accord For Development Office in Agbor Delta State on Wednesday 27th July, 2018. 

The training focussed on Community Business Planning and Management. The training commenced with an introduction of Accord as a Non-Governmental Organization and her activities over the years. The current partnership of Accord with other stakeholders was espoused as well. Accord Team Members introduced themselves as well as the individual participants who identified the nature of their businesses. 
The first part of the training distilled centered on Community Businesses. The concepts of Business and Entrepreneurship was distilled. As well, practical case studies were examined on the need for the momentum of Entrepreneurship practice in Nigeria to be sustained. The training moved on to Business Idea Generation sources, Contents of Business Plan and Drafting, General Community Business Management Principles and Business Owner Manager roles. A talk on Business Risks was also made and other related areas.

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Group and Individual Tasks  Individual Trainees were asked to come up with 2 unique Businesses of their choice that can be started immediately. The whole idea was to generate a pool of businesses out of which 4 will be chosen and trainees grouped into 4 Teams to prepare a sketch Business Plan. At the end of the individual tasks, trainees were grouped into 4 groups. Four Businesses were selected from the pool and 1 each was apportioned to each group to prepare a business plan.
The businesses selected include:- Coconut Oil Business- Leather Works Business (i.e. the making of Bags, belts, shoes etc.)- Fashion Design- Beauty Shop Business
At the end of group discussion and sketch draft, each group made presentations. Some of the mistakes and oversight from the Sketch Business plan were identified and corrections made appropriately.

set trainees3


The second presentation was on Finance for Community Businesses. Definitions for basic Financial Terms were explained. Furthermore, the various sources of Finance to run Community Businesses were examined. The various challenges of Business Finance and how to mitigate them in a bid to ensure that a business is kept afloat were all examined.


Trainees had the opportunity of asking Questions bordering on Finance and responses were given appropriately.


The following also sufficed:1. The trained participants were informed that the easiest way to get loans is through the establishment of a cooperative hence the means of doing so was explained.2. Partnership plan with Directorate of Youth Development, Delta State was also discussed.3. WhatsApp group has been created for this set of Trainees for Business Mentorship and to serve as an avenue to share opportunities among other members.4. All Trained beneficiaries have SET Certificate of Participation.  

To Rap It Up

This edition of SET business training in Agbor is going to boost the business acumen of beneficiaries. Also, from observation the hands-on knowledge that has been availed to the participants especially the existing business owners will further make them thrive in their businesses. Also the aspiring Entrepreneurs are now better informed on the basic requirements in setting up profitable businesses of the choice.  

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