Accord For Development emerges the Community Development Organization Of The Year 2018. The award is in recognition of Accord's giant stride in community development in the Niger Delta. Garden City Advancement Agency in Port Harcourt, Rivers State hosted the award.


The ambience of the environment was quite cozy and the beneficiaries of the 3rd edition of YESAP beaming with smiles even as they gathered at the Port Harcourt Refining Company (PHRC) situated in Alesa-Eleme in Rivers State, Nigeria for their graduation ceremony.

The Youth Empowerment and Skills Acquisition Programme (YESAP) is an eclectic empowerment programme targeted at beneficiaries drawn from operational areas of Port Harcourt Refining Company (PHRC) in Rivers State.       

In this third edition of YESAP, beneficiaries have successfully been trained in various vocational training centres in diverse skills such as Welding and Fabrication, Fashion Designing, Catering, Hair Dressing, Computer Engineering and Poultry Farming.

Hence, in continuation of the training and support, another round of business management training was organized for these set of trainees to complement the initial introductory business training that was availed them at roughly a month into their Vocational Skills training in October, 2018.

The aim of this business training is to further equip them with business best practices that is needed to set sail in their chosen business and also to have the requisite knowledge on how they can withstand competition from existing business owners.

It is worthy to note that fresh starters in business are known to face the initial herculean task of navigating through the difficulties that beset them which manifest due to their inexperience and at other times in the harsh operating environment.

Focus of the Training:

The focus of the training was aimed at equipping the beneficiaries with the needed business management skills and acumen to help them drive their enterprises. The training therefore was packaged with emphasis on what entrepreneurship is, business idea generation, business plan writing, business risk and strategies. Other areas treated include formal sources of finance, traditional method of business finance, challenges of securing business finance and strategies to mitigate the problems. The other aspects covered include factors that make businesses to thrive and what brings about business failure, customer relationship management, information and communication platforms that aids businesses, the use of various social media infrastructures in driving the businesses of Entrepreneurs among others.

Areas Covered

The training modules that captured the above listed business training areas were subsumed into 4(four) key areas as follows:

  1. Community Business Planning and Management
  2. Finance for Community Businesses
  3. Business Success versus why Businesses Fail
  4. The Benefit of Social Media in Sustaining Your Business

One of the core goals of the Development Advocacy and Gender Unit of Accord For Development is to mainstream gender in all program activities of the organization.

Accord in partnership with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Abuja Nigeria, organized and facilitated a town hall meeting with women groups and gender focused CSOs

The award is in recognition of Accord's giant stride in community development in the Niger Delta. Garden City Advancement Agency in Port Harcourt, Rivers State hosted the award.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” so goes a popular aphorism by Robert Schuller.

In 2012 Accord for Development carried survey of the 774 Local Government Areas of Nigeria to get information on their operations and their approaches to fulfilling

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A Compendium of 100 Plus Businesses

In a bid to motivate and join in empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs to establish new businesses or make great difference in their businesses,

To ensure that the Y-STEP is effective as planned, Accord team always embark on unexpected monitoring and evaluation visits to the centres where the deployed Y-STEP participants are learning

Oporoma Cluster Development Board recently awarded 15 infrastructural projects which include construction of roads, renovation of town hall, and principal quarters in various communities in Oporoma Clan.

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