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Workshop on Conflict sensitivity for Regional Development Committees (RDC)

Workshop on Conflict sensitivity for Regional Development Committees (RDC)

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Accord For Community Development partook in a three (3) day comprehensive peace building training/ workshop organised by PIND to foster effective intervention/ development  programmes, the training held at Sweet Spirit Hotel and Resorts, Okpanam Asaba, Delta State on the 5th through 7 of June, 2018.

The training aimed at sharpening peace building strategies in the Niger Delta region and  Nigeria at large for  the participated organisations to align their intervention processes with current trending peace building  or conflict/ voilence resolution strategies.

During the training, participants were given an overview of several key concepts such as Conflict, Perception and Violence. They were told that Conflict is a situation where any two parties perceive that they have mutually incompatible goals. They were told that conflict is inevitable in life, neither good or bad and that if not properly managed it could degenerate into violence.

Participants were acquainted with the Conflict Analysis process and familiarized with several conflict Analysis tools.

Also treated, was Conflict sensitivity with participants taught:

  • Context: How to understand the Context in which they operate
  • Impact: Understanding the interaction between their interventions and the conflict context
  • Mitigation: Acting upon one’s understanding of the interaction to ensure that negative impacts are minimized and positive ones maximized

Participants were taught how to identify the Dividers (Sources of Tension) and the Connectors (Local Capacities for Peace)

At the end of the training, participants left with an understanding of Conflict, how to identify its root causes, identifying the various actors and their roles in conflict, as well as the importance of designing and implementing their interventions in ways that do not exacerbate conflict.

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