Projects/Ikwerre Cluster Community Development Plans (CDP)

Our Objectives

  • To promote participatory partnership for the sustainable development of the communities in the cluster.
  • To provide transparent, open and accountable governance that embraces the concept of inclusiveness.
  • Strengthen member communities and their capacity to plan, design and implement their own development agenda.
  • Attract additional assistance from other donors

Target Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of Ikwerre cluster SPDC GMoU are the host communities to SPDC facilities. Formerly it was 12 communities that was part of the process. In recent renegotiation with SPDC three other communities were added to Ikwerre cluster totaling 15 communities’ benefiting from the process.


Ikwerre cluster is comprised of 12 communities all from Ikwerre local government area of Rivers state with its headquarters at Isiopko. The communities in the cluster are only some selected few from various communities in the LGA and the major criterion for their selection is that they are all host communities to SPDC activities at various levels.

The SPDC/Ikwerre cluster GMoU was signed in January 2007 in order to facilitate the peaceful development of the people in the cluster but the formal inauguration of the cluster development board (CDB) was on the 1st of June 2007.

The communities in this cluster belief that the GMoU was made in good faith and without prejudice, with a view to consolidating the existing cordial and mutually beneficial relationship between them and SPDC. The GMoU is intended to facilitate and create a climate of understanding between the parties.

Achievement/ Impact/Change

The SPDC GMoU in Ikwerre cluster has created several impacts on the community stakeholders. Some of those impact created by the GMoU include, awareness in contracting, brought about relative peace in most of the communities that were crisis prone before the inception of the GMoU process. It have also brought about accountability, sustainability of project in the community unlike before were nobody is accountable for poor project implementation and financial misappropriation in the community. GMoU have also created some negative impression in their host communities. 

Project Duration 

The GMoU commenced 2007 and is still ongoing

Partner (Donor)

SPDC GMoUfocusing on development of the rural communities in the cluster. Such partners include State Government, local government, NDDC and several others

Success Stories 

During the first GMoU in Ikwerre cluster, the health insurance scheme program organized in Mbodo community recorded a huge success. In that health scheme 700 community members registered and benefited from the scheme.  Recently the community has unanimously agreed to continue with program.

     The GMoU process in Ikwerre has also recoded huge success.  In the last five years 100 projects implemented and completed commissioned
         and in use by community members.
      The GMoU process in Ikwerre has also recorded success in the area of scholarship. Over 200 graduate and undergraduate have benefited from SPDC sponsored         scholarship scheme in Ikwerre cluster.
     Over 10 boreholes have been completed and commissioned. In the area of road over 15 KM roads have been completed and commissioned in the cluster. 

Geographical Location

 South-South Region, Rivers State

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