•   Co-ordinating and Mentoring of Chevron GMoU Activities in Rivers, Imo, Bayelsa States.
  •   Facilitating and Mentoring of Chevron GMoU Communities in Bayelsa, Imo and Rivers State.


1.Needs Assessment
2.Coordinating and Facilitating Meetings in four Regional Development Committees (RDCs)
3.Monitoring and Evaluation of programs and projects in the Communities.  
4.To carry out Community Development / Sustainable Development Projects.


 1.  A  Needs Assessment developed
 2.  Minutes of Meetings and Attendance sheets.
 3.  Programs and projects are drawn from the Community Development Plan.
 4.  Sustainable Projects implemented in the Communities.
 5.  Proposal Development


The Services rendered are:
1.  Project Management and Planning.
2.  Social Investment Management for Corporate Entity.
3.  Capacity Building and Trainings


 Communities in the four RDCs (Kula, Idama, Jisike, & Dodo River)


The Project is still On-going


  The Project started in 2008  and is still On-going


 1.Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL)
 2.State Government
 3.Local Government
 4.Communities (RDCs)


The GMoU with the three RDCs Kula, Idama and Jisike which was first signed in 2005 and have been renegotiated severally since then. The GMoU operating processes and procedures utilizes a participatory methodology that allows the communities take charge of their development programs, build a healthier relationship among communities, Chevron Nig. Ltd, and other key development stakeholders in the Niger Delta Region.

The Regional Development Council (RDC) were formed and institutionalised organ that is aimed at achieving the objectives of the GMoU by shifting control and execution of community development programs to communities.

Chevron Nigeria Limited is a Multinational Company operating in Nigeria, The Company is in partnership with Accord for Community Development to co-ordinate and Mentoring of Chevron GMoU Communities in Bayelsa, Imo and Rivers State in the Eastern and Southern operations.   Accord is partnering with Chevron in the management of four RDCs across 3 states under the GMoU.  The Communities include Kula  & Idama in Akuku-toru Local Government Area in Rivers State, (Umunwama and Obeabor) Communities in Jisike, Oguta Local Government Area in Imo State and five Communities in Dodo River, Bayelsa State.

Accord has over the years, had a fruitful relationship with Chevron Nigeria Limited carrying out various programmes. So for, Accord has carried out 5 research based projects on behalf of Chevron across 4 states in the Niger Delta. Similarly, we have undertaken a documentary on perception study on the performance of local governments in poverty alleviation in three states of the Niger Delta. We have also organized a national student essay competition on promoting the MDGs for the United Nations. Given this extensive relationship, Accord is well poised to undertake any project and to act in the best interest of Chevron.  Accord has successfully been managing CHEVRON GMoU activities in the East

The Aim of the GMoU is to improve the quality of life in the host Communities and ensure continuous sustainable development in the Communities around Chevron operation. It is also to enhance capacity building and ownership through sustainable Community development projects that will promote economic growth, it is also supporting accountability and transparency in areas of governance of projects and programs.  The GMoU also aims at bringing other key stakeholders to contribute to the sustainable development of these Communities through participatory partnership.

In the past the MoUs are entered into with each of the various Communities in Chevron areas of operation and the GMoU makes the Community to be actors instead of beggars.  The GMoU allows the people to decide what they want, how they want it, where they want it in terms of projects planning to implementation.  It allows the community to be self-employed using micro credit facilities and other programs that will enhance standard of living, The GMoU Communities take ownership of the projects and programs themselves.

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