Nature to Wealth Resourceful Development for Jisike Farmers


  1.  The Setting up and registration of Umbrella cooperative society (Jisike, Izombe, Oguta Cassava Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society)
    (2)    Establish a-2 hectare (ha) cassava multiplication farm with improved varieties of cassava from IITA to provide enough planting materials for farmers in Jisike communities (1-ha each at Obeabor and Umunwama)
  2.  Ration or cut cassava stems from the 2-hectare farm after 8-12 months and distribute stems to at least 200 farmers in the Jisike Communities and all members of the JCGA for planting in their individual farms.
  3.  Train at least 150 farmers (JCGA) on cassava production best practices.
  4.  Train at least 150 farmers (JCGA) on production of cassava chips, odorless fufu flour and other relevant products.

(6) Link the Jisike Cassava Growers Association to Markets (Feed Millers, Livestock Farmers, hotels etc) to sell at least 25 tons of processed cassava products in 2 years

 Target Beneficiaries

150 Jisike Farmers


The nature to wealth initiative: resourceful development for Jisike farmers is a project targeted at cassava farmers in Jisike, Izombe, Imo state. The initiative is supported by funding from Chevron Corporation under its I3E (Initiative Triple E: ‘Engage – Execute – Empower’) program in partnership with Jisike Regional Development Foundation and Accord for Community development. This project is targeted at 150 farmers of which 100 are women farmers while 50 are male youth farmers in Obeabo and Umunwama Communities in  Jisike (Izombe) in Imo State.
The project seeks to boost the production capacities of cassava farmers in Obeabor and Umunwama...

Achievement/ Impact/Change

Umbrella cooperative society (Jisike, Izombe, Oguta cassava Farmers Multipurpose cooperative society) The cooperative has been successfully registered with the ministry of commerce which is the approved government agency responsible for the registration of cooperatives in Imo state. 150 farmers were trained on cassava production and processing best practices, farmers linked with access of marketing cassava produce. 

Project Duration 

1st January 2013 - 1st January 2014.

Partner (Donor)

Chevron Corporation

Success Stories 

These crops are mostly produced in subsistence quantities; income is derived from the sale of some of the farm produce to cater for household needs. In Jisike, men, women and youths take part in farming, though more women engage in farm work than men and youths.

Geographical Location

South East Region, Imo State

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