Accord Attended Women Professionals Meeting in Access Bank PLC

It was really an inspiring session on how to improve our self-worth at our workplace and job description on one hand and having the mindset of an entrepreneur in relation to creativity, innovation, growth, and fulfilment beyond the workplace

Women in workplaces need to answer some pertinent questions like
What's your career goal? Are you relevant in your work place? Are you passionate about what you do? Are you a problem solver and a solution minded person or do you refer the problems to another person in the office.

Responses to the questions above will significantly contribute to our career and workplace and enlarge self-worth.

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access1Accord's Staff in Workplace


A Cross Section of the Participants (Accord Staff and Women in Workplace)


Accord's Staff was named the most engaging during the session. Presenting a throw Pillow Gift to the Facilitator


Accord's Staff, the Facilitator and Access Bank Staff