Workshop on Breast Cancer in Abuloma Community

Workshop on Breast Cancer in Abuloma Community

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A cross section of Abuloma community women during the breast cancer workshop.

The Development Advocacy and Gender department of Accord for Development held a workshop on breast cancer with the object to sensitize the women of reproductive age in Abuloma community on signs, symptoms and prevention of breast cancer. To give possible referrals to person (s) with breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the prevalent diseases of women and is becoming a common health challenge among women of all ages which necessities the need for increased awareness and continuous sensitization.

Following some open ended chat with the leadership of Abuloma women association, we gathered that many very young, unmarried women in Abuloma community are living with breast cancer. With this, we put together a half day workshop to provide medically useful information on early detection, symptoms and prevention.

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The workshop was held in Abuloma Town Hall, 36 women participated with ages of 25 – 50 and above.

The workshop adopted 

Blue – sky thinking: What is known about breast cancer – signs and symptoms. The process helped to establish what is known of breast cancer by the participants. The session includes grouping the participants into three groups. It was a platform that encourage active contribution by all to the knowledge sharing.

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Outcome on what the participants know about breast cancer:

  • Lump in the breast
  • Pain and discouration
  • examination Expression of liquid from a non-breastfeeding mother. Etc.

Role play on self – / prevention: One of the women volunteered to demonstrate on self - examination

Management (referral services)

Breast cancer has no age:

A woman told a story of her neighbour’s daughter with a case of a 12 years old girl who is living with breast cancer, and had gone through dialysis, one side of the breast removed.

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