Social Investment and Community Development


The objectives of the plan are to:

  • Create a mechanism for the delivery of a clear Social Investment for Oil and Gas companies  in the communities where they operate;
  • Provide a framework for intervention by stakeholders in an orderly manner, in order to achieve the objectives of increased income, increased productivity and ensure socio-economic welfare;
  • Guide the implementation of development programmes and projects in order to maximise benefit to all groups in the communities;
  • Provide information on development opportunities for stakeholders; and
  • Facilitate community engagement, participation and ownership in all aspects.



  1. Facilitate Global MoUs for multinational companies; Bomo, Oporoma and Brass Cluster GMoU for SPDC.
  1. Facilitate Global MoUs for multinational companies; Ibigwe Fields GMoU for Waltersmith petroman Oil Limited.


  1. Facilitate Global MoUs for multinational companies; Dodo River GMoU for CNL.

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