Finance and Administration

The Administration department is soley responsible in the assessment of work and staff performances, the department is also saddled with the roles of ensuring global accounting best practice, ensure proper information storage, ensure effective cash inflow, ensure constant updates of Accord's websites, and proper delegation of authority and responsibility. These are administrative roles that aids Accord as an organization to effectively move forward and become a global brand, to sustain our vision, mission and objectives, we imbibe the culture of change.


  1. Provide staff with work environment where teamwork is paramount, ideas are rewarded, creativity and risk-taking are encouraged, and successes are celebrated.
  2. Create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and facilitate easy interface between staff and management; and to promote work life balance.
  3. To properly classify transaction into their appropriate books of account and to make financial information available on demand for management decisions.
  4. To promote Accord as a brand and publicize her activities to the world through newsletter and web linkages.
  5. Simplify office activities through initiation of electronic filing system and peripheral resource sharing between all systems.
  6. To provide state of the art website with high-end autonomous functionality.

The Administration department comprises of the following units:

  1. Admin Office
  2. Accounting services
  3. IT services and Corporate Communications
  4. Human Resource Management

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