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Development communication has been recognized as an important aspect of organization whereby communication tools are used to process services and information delivery in number of social enterprises in the world today.  As the 5th Theory of the Press in social transformation, its primary focus is to fulfil mainstreaming of communication into development works. From this perspective, it aims to make impact in the real-life situation of millions of the world poor people and to connect efforts to improve their wellbeing.

 As an organization that is focused on building social enterprises which are beneficial to the society, Accord aims at using communication strategies to project its development works in various media platforms. Moreover, to achieve her 2020 vision which is to -  strengthen its operational, financial, and governance structures towards attaining a world class social enterprise in the field of sustainable development management – Accord uses Communication and Media to expand awareness of her corporate presence in the development sector both in the national and international levels. To achieve this aim, we will employ innovative platforms, communication strategies and branding tools for the attainment of organizational goals.

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Accord for Development specializes in the provision of sustainable development initiatives in rural marginal communities as well as in disadvantaged urban centers.

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House 1, Close B Fubara Anga Street, Off Odili Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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