About the project



• To Track Performance Record and Achievement of targets
• To Improve the capacity of Community and LGAs representatives

Target Beneficiaries

These activities were initially scheduled to be carried out in five local governments in Rivers, Imo and Akwa Ibom States, namely:
1.    Akuku Toru Local Government Area – Rivers State
2.    Ikwere Local Government Area – Rivers State
3.    Oguta Local Government Area – Imo State
4.    Essien Udim Local Government Area – Akwa Ibom State
5.    Abak Local Government Area – Akwa Ibom State.


A change was made following the action of the State Governor whom dissolved the identified local government councils in Akwa Ibom State at the period of implementation.


Two new local government areas were identified to replace the affected LGAs; one in each state – (Rivers and Imo), namely:
1.    Ideator North LGA – Imo State
2.    Emuoha LGA – Rivers State



The Local Capacity Building Programme (LCBP) is a partnership initiative between PIND and ACCORD/EED aimed at developing the capacity of local communities and institutions in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in other to contribute to the socio-economic development of the region.

The LCBP is essentially centered on the partnership initiative between the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the region which was aimed at providing community based infrastructural projects.

Under the NDDC/LGAs partnership which was initiated and inaugurated by the NDDC in February, 2011, a sum of N1.3billion was to be provided by the Commission to fund proposed projects while 45 LGAs who become the initial beneficiaries of the NDDC grant are to match the sum with 50 percent counterpart funding which amounts to N675million.

The significance of the LCBP therefore is to provide appropriate capacity enhancement measures which responds to two important objectives. Fundamentally the huge human capacity gap at the community level and the weak institutional capability at the local government level; which had given rise to poor and unsustainable project delivery, were important rationale for the
LCBP intervention.

The LCBP aim was essentially to ensure that proposed projects under the NDDC/LGAs initiative are sustainable and are effectively delivered through inclusive participatory processes and efficient operational frameworks.

Under the PIND/ACCORD LCBP arrangement in relation to the NDDC/LGA initiative, 5 LGAs and related communities in two Niger Delta states are to be supported with capacity building exercises to properly equip target LGA/community beneficiaries. Thus providing, as a value added input; the vital and relevant capacity strengthening component that can lead to sustainable benefits to target LGAs and communities in the Niger Delta region.

Achievement/ Impact/Change


Interactive forums created between LGAs and representatives of communities.


Fruitful interactive forums; as a platform for participatory processes and decision making between LGAs and community representatives on the NDDC/LGA initiative was established in Oguta and AkukuToru LGAs, who have had robust interactive discussions in view of the NDDC supported project.


Establishment of Project Management Committees (PMCs)
PMCs are central to the effective management and sustainability of potential projects. We have been able to get the LGAs chairmen and their senior management officers to accept the framework of establishing PMCs tailored to the management of the NDDC/LGA supported projects. PMCs have been successfully set up in some of these targeted LGAs. The composition of the PMCs; in line with our targets, are disaggregated by sex- gender, age group, and representatives of community groups, CBOs and NGOs.


Project Duration 

The LCBP which effectively commenced in July 2011 was scheduled to run for twelve months and terminate in June, 2012.

Partner (Donor)

Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta (PIND)

Success Stories 

The interface between Accord’s Project Team and Ideator North LGA turned out to be a major achievement. The Council Chairman - Honourable Henry Ike showed great enthusiasm about the NDDC/LGA partnership. He embraced the partnership opportunity and demonstrated his appreciation of the PIND/Accord LCBP by immediately establishing a coordinating Officer for the LCBP in IDEATO North LGA. He also assured the Team that the Council is not only willing but will provide the N15 million counterpart funding required by the NDDC. He also welcomed the concept of establishing Project Management Committees, and the composition of the PMC to be disaggregated by Women, men and youths representatives drawn from the local communities

Geographical Location

Niger Delta Region