The Leadership, Empowerment, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) Project, supported by RTI/PIND has already passed through its first phase as at 2015, therefore it is presently at its 2nd phase. Accord team led by Mubo Humble-Okere had a sensitization meeting with the Ward Development Committees (WDCs) in Khana local government towards their inauguration so as to be able to engage with Local Government Councils. Thereafter WDCs should be able to attract solutions from the council to meet their needs at ward level, instead of engaging in undesirable form of protests. This component of the project aim to equip WDCs to constructively express their concerns through proper means. In her statement, WDCs was reminded concerning the platform on based on the capacity they are acting on, which is to protect the interest of communities’ they are representing, visa-vice the people’s needs of each ward. The capacity of the WDC will be built in such a way that they can engage with Local Government Council properly as she noted. Some activities enlisted WDCs is expected to support during project execution include:


  • Community partnership project (CPP): This CPP will be competitive.
  • Baseline mapping of business organizations in Khana Local Government.
  • Mapping of WASH facilities in Khana LGA: This will be done with the Rapid Rural Appraisal Approach.
  • Mapping of infrastructures in Khana LGA.
  • Youth Empowerment Skills Development: priority will be given to the women, therefore majority of the youths will comprise of the women as women are the backbone of the family, society and the nation at large.

Responses from WDCs
Mr. Aluzim, E.M.Z, Community Development Committee (CDC) member of Ward 4 emphasized on the issue of inauguration, he said, it is yet to be done and so before getting into the Phase 2 proper of the project, inauguration should be first and foremost. The second phase of the project should circulate properly. He urged coordinators of the project to recognize and work with departments and those rural communities that are not privileged.
Mr. Friday Nbani from Ward 6 also pleaded with Accord to always be able to recognize the WDCs representatives, and also put their suggestions into consideration.