ACCORD’s LEAD project team meets the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Committee a.k.a WASH COMM in Khana for the first time on the LEAD project. WASH COMM is a rural committee setup by the Rural Water Sanitation Authority in KHANA LGA, to domesticate water and sanitation policy in communities across Khana LGA. The essence of the meeting was to set an agenda for the WASH COMM and to create an enabling environment that will enhance the operation of the WASH COMM. Discussion had focused on progress made by WASH COMM, Accord Project team lead highlighted some proposed activities the WASH committee is expected to embark on to ensure that LEAD project become a success:
Mubo Humble-Okere who led the team spotted the need for grassroots sensitization, especially on the recent outbreak of the deadly disease, Lassa fever which is presently in Rivers State according to the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Odagine Theophilus; during an interview with Channels TV. The sensitization meeting held in Khana created the consciousness about the causes of the deadly disease and preventive measures that can be observed to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Also to create access to safe drinking water in both quality and quantity, hence, the impact of the WASH committee needs to be felt throughout the Local Government. Following this, she then inquired from the coordinator of the committee. Mr. Joseph Beega what they have done so far. In response, he replied that a major challenge in the execution of the project is the recurrent change in political administration in the LGA.
According to Mrs. Mary Agbani, the RTI/LEAD project coordinator, the WASH committee may not have accurate data on the WASH facility provided by the Local Council, hence the Director saw the need to do a comprehensive mapping of public facility. She further stated that the council is making their own contributions. In the course of the project, there will be a WASH facility mapping; Mary suggested that there should be a selection of at least 2 staff from WASH committee, some staff from Works, and also some experienced enumerators for the mapping.