Accord for Development specializes in the provision of sustainable development initiatives in rural marginal communities as well as in disadvantaged urban centers.


Accord for Community Development is a frontline development institution based in Nigeria. Accord specializes in the provision of policy-relevant research and strategic blueprints for sustainable management of resources in rural marginal communities aswell as disadvantaged urban centres. Accord is actively committed to the building of institutions and structures for the promotion of sustainable development through participatory approaches. Equipped with an effective, qualified and motivated workforce, we are focused on providing world class development services in line with international best practice. We have over 20 years of experience working for sustainable development in the Niger Delta. Accord is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with registration number 12,962/6/INCT
To promote sustainable economic development and good governance through institutional strengthening, empowerment, partnership and advocacy
A peaceful society where good governance is entrenched and economic prosperity is wide spread.


Support For Women In Micro Enterprise
  Objectives To empower 100 women from the three target communities with micro credit for business expansion and diversification within the period 12 months.  Target Beneficiaries Kula, Idama and Elem-Ifoko are all coastal/riverine communities in Rivers State. Both Kula and ...
October 07, 2014
  Objectives   Co-ordinating and Mentoring of Chevron GMoU Activities in Rivers, Imo, Bayelsa States.   Facilitating and Mentoring of Chevron GMoU Communities in Bayelsa, Imo and Rivers State.  ACTIVITIES 1.Needs Assessment2.Coordinating and Facilitating ...
December 03, 2014
Participatory Peace and Security Maintenance ...
  Objectives To Develop Participatory Peace Platforms in 3 LGAs in Rivers State and to strengthen the capacity of focal stakeholders to participate and interface in conflict mediation and management mechanisms towards improving peace and security in the 3 LGAs by  ...
October 07, 2014
Nature To Wealth: Resourceful Development For ...
  Objectives  The Setting up and registration of Umbrella cooperative society (Jisike, Izombe, Oguta Cassava Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society)    (2)    Establish a-2 hectare (ha) cassava multiplication farm with improved varieties of ...
October 07, 2014
Local Capacity Building Programme (LCBP)
  Objectives • To Track Performance Record and Achievement of targets• To Improve the capacity of Community and LGAs representatives Target Beneficiaries These activities were initially scheduled to be carried out in five local governments in Rivers, Imo and Akwa Ibom States, ...
October 07, 2014
Youths Empowerment And Skills Acquisition ...
  Objective •    Skills enhancement of the youths of Eleme and Okrika•    Increase in Employment Opportunities•    Economic Empowerment•    Development of Managerial and Leadership skills Target Beneficiaries Unemployed Eleme and ...
October 04, 2014
Ikwerre Cluster Community Development Plans (CDP)
Our Objectives To promote participatory partnership for the sustainable development of the communities in the cluster. To provide transparent, open and accountable governance that embraces the concept of inclusiveness. Strengthen member communities and their capacity to plan, design and ...
October 04, 2014

Recent Project



Business Enterprise Development

The role of small business enterprise in stimulating economic development in developing and transitional societies has been universally lauded and recognized. more

Project Management & Planning

    Accord assists our clients and stakeholders to implement projects that are meant to deliver sustainable development value to the beneficiaries and impacted populations. Accord works in concert and partnership with different entities to identify, design, and implement projects in the most cost effective and sustainable manner.

    In other to ensure the desired impact Accord uses a participatory planning and design approach which ensures that the needs and expectations of the beneficiaries and project owners are incorporated into the project concept design..

Development Research & Impact

At Accord, we are constantly finding ways to improve the effectiveness of development projects. We recognize that the best outcomes are only possible when there is a critical awareness and understanding of the causal factors surrounding a problem issue. Using participatory tools and approaches, we undertake problem and situation analysis, we assess the needs of target populations and incorporate their inputs into project design.

 Accord can also carry out impact assessment studies and analysis to determine the level of impact of projects, events or occurrence on the livelihood of affected populations. We also perform stakeholder analysis, we test innovative approaches, and we can prove the workability of project concepts.
 We have successfully carried out regional and national scope database and projects for international development institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Capacity Building & Competency

     One of the core services of Accord is the provision of capacity building training and support to clients and stakeholders that are aimed at improve performance and efficiency. Accord can organize tailored capacity building workshops for partners aimed at closing up capacity gaps and enhancing the competencies and institutional skills for effective project management and attainment of organisational objectives.

Some of our clients including Oil and Gas companies have been provided with knowledge to embrace emerging strategies and concepts for a more effective corporate community engagement and interface actions that creates and foster enduring and fruitful relations in a peaceful environment. We have worked with Local Government Authorities LGAs to improve their processes and carried out trainings for their staff.
We also assist rural and marginal communities to set up cooperatives and engage in constructive development endeavours. We have organised study tours which can facilitate knowledge sharing, social exposure that can facilitate appropriate attitudinal and behavioural changes in them and thus make them change drivers.